Barbecue informed the new council to brace itself for a more intense battle following its takeover from former Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Reports suggested the gang leader warned of a potential coup after the new council failed to involve him in the takeover talks.

“Whether or not you’re installed, this message is for you: Brace yourselves,” Barbecue declared.Moments after the gang leader finished issuing his threats, gunfire erupted nearby, indicating the gang’s determination to resist the new system.

Barbecue, while delivering the warning, advised the presidential transitional council to reconsider their actions, pledging to oppose them vigorously. He aimed to thwart any potential foreign intervention that might be incited by the council.

The Haiti gang, under the leadership of Barbecue, has faced accusations of committing widespread sexual assault, ransom kidnappings, and indiscriminate killings.The message by Barbecue also followed an acknowledgement of the new council by President William Ruto who affirmed Kenya’s commitment to helping the Caribbean nation.

“TPC has the singular task of moving speedily to re-establish key organs of the State critical to the restoration of law and order and necessary for the ushering of hope to all Haitians,” Ruto stated.

“Kenya stands ready and willing- in concert with a broad alliance of nations in Africa and CARICOM- committed to Haiti’s stability, to rapidly execute the security support,” the head of state added.

In March this year, the gang leader sent a similar warning to the Kenyan police as he vowed to oppose the deployment.Barbecue announced that he would regard Kenyan police as aggressors as they were coming to interfere with the independence of the war-torn nation.

“We will consider them as invaders and we do not have to collaborate with any invaders that have come to walk over our independence,” Barbecue stated.


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